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PSM-GUSD-A Debt Ceiling Reduction, Coinbase Custody Debt Ceiling Increase, Various Parameter Changes, RWA Foundation Dao Resolution, Andromeda Legal Expenses, Vesting Stream Updates and Spark Proxy-Spell - November 29, 2023

Setting PSM-GUSD-A Debt Ceiling to zero and removing from AutoLine, Coinbase Custody (RWA014-A) Debt Ceiling increase, WBTC-A, WBTC-B, and WBTC-C Stability Fee changes, SBE parameter changes, RWA Foundation Dao Resolution, Andromeda Legal Expenses, Cancel Vesting Streams for Steakhouse and TechOps, Set up Ecosystem Facilitator Vesting Streams and Spark proxy-spell


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This proposal has not yet passed and is not available for execution.

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It is also possible to vote on a custom spell address—only use this in case of emergencies!

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